Learn more about the 2015 Life Jacket design competition.  Brought to you by the BoatUS Foundation and the personal flotation device manufacturers association (PDFMA).  Submit a design, download a flyer and learn about the rules and regulations of the competition.  Top prize is $10,000 and will be awarded at the 2015 IBEX.

The Innovations in Life Jacket Design Competition

Top Prize $10,000

Second $3,000 & Third Prize $2,000

We have partnered with the Personal Flotation Manufacturers Association (PFDMA) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to bring you the Innovations in Life Jacket Design Competition which seeks alternatives to the traditional life jacket. Contestants are welcome to design a personal flotation device intended for the general community. Unconventional designs are encouraged and participants can submit either a theoretical design or a working prototype. The most recent winner is currently manufacturing and selling the life jacket design they submitted.


The interest in new, more comfortable designs are always important to waterway users. While current models of life jackets save lives every day, many designs still don’t appear to meet the needs of today’s boaters, and some boaters remain reluctant to wear them. This competition hopes to challenge that mindset.


The submission period for the competition has closed and winners will be announced at the 2015 IBEX Exhibition & Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

National Marine Manufacturers Association Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association