Life Jacket Design Competition

Can you build a better one?

The Foundation has partnered with the Personal Flotation Manufacturers Association (PFDMA) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to bring you the Innovations in Life Jacket Design Competition which sought alternatives to the traditional life jacket. We received over 250 submissions from around the world and the following designs were chosen as the winners.

$15,000 in total prize money

Michael Garman

first place
Michael Garman's design video

Jimi Beach

second place
Jimi Beach's design video

Jessie Kate Brown

third placeJessie Kate Brown's Comfort Flex Life Vest
Jessie Kate Brown's Design

Eleven Finalists:

Hampton Freeman

Hampton Freeman's Design
Hampton Freeman's Design

Jim Best

Jim Best's design video

Richard Gash

Richard Gash's design video

Pat Hughes

Pat Hughes's design video

Kinga Krezel

Kinga Krezel's design video

Shannon MacDowell

Shannon MacDowell's design video

Timothy Morrison

Timothy Morrison's design video

Adam Malcom

Adam Malcom's Design
Adam Malcom's Design

Arvid Roach

Arvid Roach's design video

Anne Sanger

Anne Sanger's Design
Anne Sanger's Design

Doug Schultz

Doug Schultz's design video