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Our course is optimized for Firefox and Onternet ExplorerOur course is optimized for Firefox and Internet ExplorerBrowser Compatibility:
- This course is optimized for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Look for one of these icons:

You should not attempt to use AOL's browser as it does not accurately capture completion data. Do not click on the blue 'A' icon for AOL's browser.
- You will be able to open a course using Google Chrome or Safari. Although, the rendering engine for both Chrome and Safari causes incorrect display of critical course elements which can greatly hinder the learning experience.

Internet Connection Speed:
- If you are using a dial-up Internet connection, Wireless Broadband (such as Clear or your cell phone carrier's wireless Internet service) or satellite Internet service, you should Save & Close frequently during each lesson to avoid an inadvertent loss of data. Every 15 to 20 pages is recommended. See below for more on saving your progress.
- If you are using a WiFi-enabled laptop that receives a signal from a wireless router that is plugged into a wall somewhere this does not apply.


Click to RegisterRegistering:
- Before you can start the course you need to create an account with a username and password.
- Click the link under the Login button that says register here to create an account as shown in the image at right.
- You should choose a username that is easy to remember, at least 8 characters long and contains only letters and numbers. Do not include spaces in your username or password.
- You will need to enter your name, contact information and identifying information which your state requires us to collect**

** We don't use the information you enter for anything other than providing boating certificates to you, the end user. If you elect to receive more information from BoatU.S. your name and contact information will be used to send you information about BoatU.S. services, and will not be shared with any third parties whatsoever.


Enrolling in a Course:
Click the applie icon to enroll in a course- Once you have submitted your registration, click Continue to go to the Course Catalog.
- Open the Boating Safety Course Catalog and scroll down to the state course that you want to take.
- Click on the name of the course to open the Course Description page.
- On the Course Description page you will see a red apple icon that looks like this one. Click that icon to enroll in the course.


Click My Account to Access your coursesBeginning a Course:
- All of your courses will be listed on your My Account screen which can be accessed at any time from the dark gray navigation bar across the top of the page.
- Click the green GO button for the course you want to start as shown in the image below.

Launch your course by clicking the green Go button

The Lesson Menu shows you which lessons you've completed and which are left. - This will take you to the Lesson Menu for that course. From here you can select the lesson you wish to launch.
- Click the green GO button to open a lesson.
- Lessons that display a blue GO button have already been completed. Green buttons indicate that they are incomplete.
- If a lesson displays Failed and a score of 0% it means that the lesson quiz is incomplete. Once the quiz is completed your actual score will be displayed.
- Once you click the GO button to launch a lesson, it will open in a new window leaving the original window still open and behind it.
- While your lesson is open, the screen open behind it will say Running Courseware.

If you see Running Courseware your lesson window is still open, but minimized or behind it.- If you see the message at right on screen, it means that your lesson window is still open but it may be minimized or behind this window. Don't panic, just look on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen for the second window titled BoatU.S. Foundation - Online Boating Safety Course and click on it to bring it back up.


Quizzes:Checkmarks on the left navigation pane mark your progress
- You will be required to PASS all of the lessons contained in a course in order to complete that course.
- If you fail a quiz, you will have to review each page of content in that lesson before the lesson will allow you to retake the quiz.
- In states requiring a minimum amount of time viewing each page, simply close the lesson and reopen it to reset the quiz. You will have to spend the required minimum time on each page again if you fail a quiz.
- In states with no minimum time per page, be sure that you have viewed all the pages in a lesson by looking for a green check mark next to each section heading and page title on the left navigation pane as seen in this image:
- There is no limit on the number of times you can retake a lesson quiz, you may retake a lesson as many times as you need to until you pass it.
- Some states apply a maximum number of times which you can fail the Final Exam (if applicable) before the entire course will automatically reset requiring you to start over at the beginning. Be sure to read your course description and the first page of the first lesson for more details on this and other state-specific requirements.


Saving a Lesson:
A lesson can be closed in 2 ways, the red X in the top right corner or the Save & Close button.- Most lesson pages will have a Save & Close button in the bottom right corner of the page which you can use to close the lesson and save your progress.
- You can also click the X in the top right corner of the browser window to close the window and save your progress (the same way you would close any window).
- You can close a lesson at any time to save your progress and come back later to complete it. When you reopen a lesson you have already viewed, it will automatically open to the last page you viewed.


Completing a Course:
- Not all courses will automatically award a certificate of completion. Check the course description to find out if you are eligible to receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.
- Once you have completed all included lessons for a course you will be awarded a certificate of completion (if applicable) which you can print yourself from your My Account screen. It will appear on the left under the calendar as shown in the image below.
- Click the Print button to bring up your printing options. You can either print yourself or have us mail you a certificate for a nominal fee of $5.00.
- If you choose print now, a separate window will pop-up and you may briefly see the certificate before it moves off screen and your print dialog appears. Then just select your printer from the list and click OK. Do not assume that your certificate won't print just because you can't see it.

Print your certificate of completion from your My Account screen.

If you were not automatically awarded a certificate: Some states will not allow us to award a certificate of completion to some students because of state regulations. Be sure to read the full course description to see if your state approves our course. In some states that require only younger boaters to take a course, boaters older than the mandated age may be awarded a generic boating safety certificate that will suffice for insurance discounts and many prerequisites to more advanced boating courses.

For more information on using the course visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.


If you have additional questions or comments, contact BoatU.S. Foundation using the form below and someone will get back to you on our next business day.

You can also call us Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST at 1-800-245-2628 ext. 3208


To better assist you, please provide information such as:

  • The state course you are taking
  • The lesson and page where you encountered the error or had problems
  • The quiz or test question where you found an error or problem

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