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Rules of the Road

Do I Have a Potential Collision Situation?
When the distance between two vessels decreases and the relative angle of the other vessel off the bow
remains the same, then you will soon be trying to occupy the same spot in the water - a collision situation.
Change course or reduce speed, even if you are the stand-on vessel.

Conduct of Vessels During Periods of Restricted Visibilty

Operating a boat in areas or at times of restricted visibility requires extra concentration by the skipper and
the lookout. You must operate your vessel at a speed at which you can identify and react to a situation and
still have enough time to avoid a collision. This is especially important when vessels are no in sight of
one another.

  • Operate at a safe speed for the prevailing circumstances
  • Have engines ready for immediate maneuvering - including reverse
  • Don't rely on radar or other electronic imaging alone - use your buiilt in senses at all times
  • Take avoiding actions early and provide ample time for the other vessels to maneuver
  • Avoid sharp turns if being overtaken
  • Always - you are in doubt, reduce your speed
  • Every vessel shall at all times proceed at a safe speed