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  • Are you a school, a government entity or an IRS-approved, tax-exempt nonprofit organization?


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  • Does the proposed project involve lobbying or seek to change, enact or advocate for laws or regulations or involve fundraising for your organization?

  • Are you requesting funds for transportation, meals, lodging, capital improvements or general operating funds, boats, motors or electronic hardware/software?

  • Is the project directed at recreational boaters?

  • Will the project educate recreational boaters on safe or clean boating topics?

  • Will the majority of the grant funds be used for signs, brochures or giveaways (floating key chains, whistles, life jackets, etc.)?

  • Thank you for your interest in the Grassroots Grants Program. Unfortunately, your organization and/or project is not eligible for a grant through the Grassroots Grants Program.

    Please review the Official Guidelines to better understand our Grant Program. If you have any questions you can email the Grant Administrator or call 800-245-2628 ext. 8354.
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    You may begin to apply for a BoatUS Foundation Grassroots Grant. Please read the information below to begin the application.
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    Before you begin your application, read over these important reminders and instructions on using our online application.


    » We are looking for creative, innovative ideas to educate boaters about safe and clean boating.
    » Make sure you have reviewed the Official Application Guidelines before beginning your application.
    » You may request up to $10,000 per grant project.
    » Your organization may submit multiple project applications.
    » Include photos, video, etc. in your grant request to be used during the voting phase. While these are not required, they are a good way to illustrate your project idea to the public.
    » The grant program does not cover some expenses such as transportation, overhead costs, meals or lodging.
    » After the grant deadline, the Grant Committee will review all applications and a select number will be advanced to the voting phase.
    » While only some applications will make it to the voting phase, we recommend all applicants begin brainstorming ideas for promoting your project if it does advance to the voting phase.
    » You will be notified by email if your application has made it to the voting phase. If it has, start promoting it for voting! Tell your friends, family, colleagues and supporters to vote. Post it to Facebook, tweet it, tell your local media. However you want to do it, use your creativity to get as many votes as possible. The projects with the most votes will receive funding.

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