Meet the BoatUS Foundation Crew

Chris Edmonston

Chris Edmonston


I grew up just south of Annapolis, and have been boating my whole life. I’ve owned and operated just about every type of boat imaginable—my favorite boat is whichever boat that can get me on the water. I’ve been at BoatUS for 19 years, and have been in the marine industry for nearly 30 years. I love boating so much that I don’t think I’ve worked a day out of those 30 years.

At the Foundation, I work with the staff on any and all projects, and I work a great deal with our external partners to promote safe and clean boating, and boating in general.

Susan Shingledecker

Susan Shingledecker

Vice President

I oversee day to day operations of the Foundation. My technical area of expertise is in clean boating, with a Masters of Environmental Management, but as a lifelong boater, boating safety too comes naturally. I grew up sailing C&C Nutshells and 420s on Lake Ontario but now enjoy all kinds of boating with my husband and kids on the Chesapeake Bay.

While my work tends to focus on reducing the potential environmental impacts of boating, I also work on broader boating issues, such as representing recreational boating interests on NOAA’s Hydrographic Services Review Panel (think the charting, tides, current and water level folks at NOAA). Whether it is rolling up my sleeves to help with our latest product tests, creating a new online course or writing articles for BoatU.S. Magazine, everyday at the Foundation brings new challenges and lots of fun.

Amanda Perez

Amanda Suttles Pérez

Director of Education

As the Director of Education, I oversee all of the online learning systems for BoatUS Foundation from the software that hosts the courses to the team that develops new ones. It’s that variety that I like most about working at the Foundation. We impact boaters from all over with our courses to make them safer and more confident on the water.

I’ve been with the BoatUS Foundation since August 2006 and I have worked in marketing, public relations and the sales in the boating industry since I graduate college. I've never had more fun than working in boating. I have a B.A. in Mass Communications and a M.A.L.A.

I’ve been a boater since I was 6 years old and grew up boating with my family in a 19ft ski boat on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Today I get out on the water in my brother's 37ft sailboat in Annapolis or my kayak on the Magothy River.

Ted Sensensbrenner

Ted Sensenbrenner

Assistant Director of Boating Safety

My primary responsibility is to raise funds to support the Foundation’s many unique programs. BoatUS Members are our main source of donations and we communicate with them throughout the year to educate them on the impact of their generosity and encourage their support. Our annual Greeting Card Program, Emergency Beacon Rental Program and Boat Donation Program also fall under my direction.

I head up our product testing series, Foundation Findings, and am one of the Trailering and Watersports Experts for BoatUS and Trailering Magazine. My education background is in Psychology and I have a Masters in Business Administration. I’ve been boating most of my life, am fascinated by anything America’s Cup and prior to working at BoatUS I was a professional sailor on the ocean-going maxi yacht racing circuit on a boat called “Mischievous.”

Alanna Keating

Alanna Keating

Outreach Manager

As the Outreach Manager for BoatUS Foundation, I manage several of our partnership programs such as the Grassroots Grants Program and Life Jacket Loaner Program. I also oversee the Foundation’s social media presence with the help of all Foundation staff. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management from the University of Maryland University College but have worked extensively on both safe and clean boating programs since I started with the Foundation in 2005. I can't think of a more enjoyable job than working with boaters every day!

I grew up boating on the Chesapeake Bay and the Little River in South Carolina. From powerboats to kayaks, I love all kinds of boating. My favorite thing about boating is being able to spend quality time with family and friends exploring our nation’s waterways.

Lynne Ohearn

Lynne O'Hearn

Program Administrator

I have been with the BoatUS Foundation since December 2010. As a lifelong boater, when this opportunity appeared, I knew it would be a great fit for me. As a project administrator, I wear many hats at the Foundation. I provide support to our numerous online students who call me regarding state boating regulations. In addition, I generate certificates of completion and troubleshoot user issues. Reel In & Recycle monofilament recycling program, EPIRB/PLB rental program and Life Jacket Loaner program are a few of the projects I help manage for the Foundation.

Alan Dennison

Alan Dennison

Education Coordinator

As the Education Coordinator for the BoatUS Foundation, my responsibilities include managing our ongoing online learning projects, editing content, and collaborating with the amazing talent we have here on staff. My educational background is fairly diverse as I have a degree in Visual Arts from Penn State University and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Maryland University College.

Boating is something that was introduced to me at a very young age on my father’s sailboat in Barnegat, NJ and countless fishing trips with him, my Grandfather, and Uncle in Maine. Currently I try to spend as much time as possible on the Chesapeake Bay aboard my center console sport fishing boat. Whether fishing or cruising, there’s no place I’d rather be than on the water.

Malarie Novotny

Malarie Novotny

Project Administrator

I help build our online courses and aid in instructional design. I work with the artistic staff to create a well-balanced course of graphics, narrations, video, and text elements. I really like the ground work and building aspect of my job because it lets me be creative and also lets me deal with technical specs such as course elements and interactions. My favorite thing about boating has to be just being out on the water and feeling like I’m on some type of adventure all while being able to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan


I am the lead videographer for the Foundation and handle the majority of projects we do in that realm. This has me leading and helping on a wide variety of projects, from boating education videos to promotional videos about our programs. Quite often, I’m wearing several hats and balancing a lot of different interests, I love that about this job. Give me a camera, give me a boat, and I’ll give you something. I’m not quite sure what yet, but something.

Boating has been something fun for me that, besides kayaking and small boat sailing, has been a new adventure over the past two years working at the Foundation.

Tyler Graphic Designer

Tyler Brooks

Project Administrator

I am both a graphic designer and web developer at the Foundation and help create graphics for the online course, website, and other BoatUS Foundation communications. I started at the Foundation as a Graphic Design Intern in June of 2013 and began working full time in September 2013. I graduated from Roger Williams University with a degree in Graphic Design.